Harvard ROTC Aviation Award Recipient 2017: 2nd Lt. Kira Headrick (U.S. Air Force)

2nd Lt. Kira Headrick has a long-standing fascination with aeronautics and astronautics. Two summers at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center, in addition to orientation flights in Air Force aircraft, confirmed her goal to become a pilot and astronaut. Joe Gano offered flights to her and to runner-up Ens. John Holland, and both of them flew with Joe in his L-39 Albatross "Pipsqueak" on May 14, 2017, ten days before they were commissioned.

Midn. John Holland ’17, Joe Gano ’64, and Cadet Kira Headrick ’17 with L-39 "Pipsqueak", May 14, 2017

In-flight selfie of Cadet Kira Headrick ’17 in Pipsqueak, May 14, 2017

Midn. John Holland ’17 preparing for takeoff in Pipsqueak, May 14, 2017




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