Harvard ROTC Aviation Award Recipient 2007: Ens. Danielle Thiriot (Navy)

Ens. Thiriot thought about aviation during her first year in ROTC but was uncertain until she went on a 3-hour surveillance flight in an SH-60 helicopter over the Pacific Ocean during the summer before her senior year. "It was the most amazing feeling I had ever experienced, and I couldn’t wait to go back up." She flew in Joe Gano’s MiG-21 in July 2007. She described the experience as "incredible" and declared that it "really got me excited to start up my aviation training." She returned to Cambridge in November 2012 in an F-18E to participate in a flyover of the Harvard-Yale Game, celebrating the return of ROTC to Harvard and Yale.

ENS Danielle Thiriot ’07 in MiG-21, July 2007

LT Danielle Thiriot ’07 with F-18E at Hanscom Air Force Base, November 2012




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